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The use of this website and its services are governed by these terms and conditions as set forth below. Your use of this website and its services indicate acceptance of these terms & conditions. We reserve the right to make changes to this website and the terms & conditions at any time and without any prior notice. 


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All Trademarks are property of their respective owners. 

Orders & Sales 

  • All prices are in Australian Dollars. All prices displayed with the suffix "incl tax" are GST inclusive. All prices displayed with the suffix "excl tax" are GST exclusive. 
  • All prices are subject to change without notice. By placing the order, the customer has agreed to pay the prices as listed on the order form at the time the order was originally submitted. However, we reserve the right to adjust the price for both products and shipping. If the customer has already paid the order prior to an adjustment and does not agree with the adjustment, we will cancel the order and refund the customer the full amount paid minus any payment processing fees. 
  • All prices do not include shipping. Shipping prices are displayed separately. 
  • The product images used on our website are for illustration purposes only and may vary from the product description. 
  • The product description (including but not limited, Title, Short Description, Long Description, Specifications, Features & Manuals) used on our website may be for the same model, but not for the model released in Australia. For example, you may be reading the specifications for the American released model, which may specify an input voltage of 110v AC, however the product that will be shipped to you will have an input voltage 240v AC. 
  • Compatibility between all hardware and/or software is not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to ensure compatibility between all hardware and/or software. 
  • We will only make recommendations and compatibility guarantees in writing. 
  • Compatibility issues are not clause for a return unless it is explicitly stated in the product description. 
  • Orders are to be paid in full and received without encumbrances prior to us proceeding with the order. 


  • Payments via Bank Transfer may incur additional delays to your order compared to other payment methods. 

Payment Methods 

To bring you the convenience and safety of online credit card payments, we have utilized the payment processing services from PayPal. If during checkout you selected this payment method, you will be redirected to the providers website to enter your card information. Because of this redirection process, you are entering information directly into the providers website and not our own, therefor we do not store any of your payment card information in our systems. 


  • All quotes are valid for 14 days from its issued date unless otherwise stated on the quote. 
  • Once a quote has been issued by us, then the prices in the quote will be confirmed as the final agreed price. 
  • The price in the final quote may vary from the original request if there are item changes. 
  • Once a quote is agreed upon, no special promotion, discount or bonus offer will be applicable. 
  • If products in the quote are subjected to any price and supply fluctuations that is outside of our control, we reserve the right to update the price and product in the quote accordingly. If there is a product that is no longer available, the product will then be replaced or substituted based on customer's request and is subject to their final approval. 
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) information is an estimate given by our vendors and cannot be hold as the actual promised date. 
  • Any discounts given on the quote may be based on the overall quote amount, if there are any significant changes to the overall quote amount, the discount may also be changed to reflect the changes. 


  • If a cancelation is requested by the customer prior to order processing, a refund will be issued minus any payment processing fees. 
  • If a cancelation is requested by the customer post order processing, a refund will be issued minus %15 of the order total, and any payment processing fees. 
  • If a cancellation is requested by the customer post shipping, a refund will be issued minus shipping total of the order, %15 of the order total, and any payment processing fees. The refund will also only be given once the item has been returned in similar condition as it was when sent to the customer and at the expense of the customer. 
  • If an order is cancelled by us prior to shipping, a refund will be issued in full minus payment processing fees. 


  • All products sold by us carry a full manufacturer warranty. We will process all warranty claims with the manufacturer on behalf of customers unless the manufacturer has a direct warranty option to the customer. Some products do offer an extended limited warranty which customers may require registration with the manufacturer. In the event of a manufacturer or supplier closure, we will endeavour to fulfil our warranty commitments however we cannot guarantee the outcome. 
  • All products sold by us are meant to be professionally installed; improper installation is not covered under warranty. 
  • We will not be liable in any way for incidental, consequential or indirect loss resulting from faulty systems or parts. We are not responsible for any data loss; backing up of data is the responsibility of the customer. We do not provide a backup or data recovery service when sending storage devices for warranty claims. Storage devices sent for warranty can be replaced with a new/refurbished unit. 
  • All shipping charges for any product returned to us incurred in a warranty claim will be at the expense of the customer. We will only pay for the return freight to the customer, except for rejected warranty, non-faulty returns, or bulky items. 
  • In the event the product is not faulty, we reserve the right to charge a maximum labour fee of $50 excl GST per product for time spent on testing the product. 
  • We are not responsible for unclaimed products or products have not been picked up for more than 3 months through the warranty process. 

Shipping & Returns Policy 

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Privacy Policy 

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