HP Spectre 700 - mouse - Bluetooth - Poseidon blue

HP Spectre 700 - Mouse - wireless - Bluetooth - Poseidon blue - for OMEN 25L by HP; Victus by HP 16; Desktop M01; Pavilion Aero 13; Pavilion Gaming TG01
SKU: 4468562
Vendor: Sydney
Manufacturer: HP
$99.95 incl tax
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This wireless, rechargeable mouse is packed with technology that helps you be more productive. Plus, its exquisite design makes it the perfect match to your HP Spectre laptop.

  • Ingenious easy-switch technology lets you pair your mouse with up to 4 compatible devices—easily switch between them.
  • Rest easy with an HP standard one-year limited warranty.
  • Stay productive with a battery that lasts up to 11 weeks on a single charge.
  • With 1,200 dpi, the laser sensor provides superb accuracy and precision—on almost every surface.
Attribute nameAttribute value
General : Device TypeMouse
General : Width6.34 cm
General : Depth10.4 cm
General : Height3.58 cm
General : Weight100 g
General : ColorPoseidon blue
Miscellaneous : Included AccessoriesUSB dongle, micro-USB cable
Compatibility Information
Compatibility Information : Designed ForOMEN 25L by HP GT11-0015no, GT11-0808no, GT11-0900ng, GT11-1028no, GT12-0024, GT12-0182na, GT12-1011na, GT12-1302ng, GT12-1303ng, GT12-1560nd, GT12-1563nd
OMEN 30L by HP GT13-0034nl, GT13-0038nc, GT13-0068nl, GT13-0080na, GT13-0700ng, GT13-0705ng, GT13-1008nn, GT13-1012nn, GT13-1217no, GT13-1500nz, GT13-1565nd, GT13-1633nd, GT13-1900nz
Victus by HP 16-d0000nh, 16-d0000nq, 16-d0001nh, 16-d0001nq, 16-d0002nh, 16-d0003nq, 16-d0004nh, 16-d0004nq, 16-d0005nh, 16-d0007nh, 16-d0013nq, 16-d0014no, 16-d0018nq, 16-d0019nq, 16-d0021nq, 16-d0022nq, 16-d0023nq, 16-d0025no, 16-d0025nq, 16-d0027no, 16-d0031nq, 16-d0033nq, 16-d0038nq, 16-d0039nq, 16-d0040nq, 16-d0044nq, 16-d0057nq, 16-d0100nq, 16-d0298nf, 16-d0299nf, 16-d0300nf, 16-d0301nf, 16-d0302nf, 16-d0303nf, 16-d0304nf, 16-d0357ng, 16-d0367ng, 16-d0413nf, 16-d0455ng, 16-d0750nz, 16-d0770nz, 16-d0950nz, 16-d0970nz, 16-e0002nh, 16-e0006nh, 16-e0008nh, 16-e0024no, 16-e0054nm, 16-e0060nm, 16-e0065nq, 16-e0077nq, 16-e0150nd, 16-e0160nd, 16-e0170nd, 16-e0179ng, 16-e0180nd, 16-e0181nd, 16-e0182nd, 16-e0250nd, 16-e0260nd, 16-e0265nd, 16-e0357ng, 16-e0377ng, 16-e0457ng, 16-e0650nz, 16-e0656ng, 16-e0670nz, 16-e0950nz, 16-e0970nz
HP Desktop M01-F1032nf, M01-F1101ng, M01-F1118ng, M01-F1413no
HP Pavilion Aero 13-be0000nu, 13-be0003nm, 13-be0004nq, 13-be0005nq, 13-be0006nq, 13-be0006nu, 13-be0007nq, 13-be0008nq, 13-be0014nm, 13-be0014nq, 13-be0015nq, 13-be0018nq, 13-be0021nq, 13-be0022nq, 13-be0053ng, 13-be0074ng, 13-be0556nz, 13-be0650nz, 13-be0660nz, 13-be0670nz, 13-be0750nz, 13-be0760nz, 13-be0770nz
HP Pavilion Gaming TG01-0325ng, TG01-0601nc, TG01-1004, TG01-1042nf, TG01-1058ns, TG01-1106nc, TG01-1121nc, TG01-1414no, TG01-1775nf, TG01-1901nc, TG01-2000nf, TG01-2006no, TG01-2024no, TG01-2032no, TG01-2074no, TG01-2106nl, TG01-2200ng, TG01-2305ng, TG01-2372nd, TG01-2816nd
HP Slim S01-aF0006b, S01-aF0016nl, S01-aF0309ng, S01-aF1104no, S01-pF1056, S01-pF1076, S01-pF1102ng
Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
Dimensions & Weight (Shipping) : Shipping Width19 cm
Dimensions & Weight (Shipping) : Shipping Depth14 cm
Dimensions & Weight (Shipping) : Shipping Height7 cm
Dimensions & Weight (Shipping) : Shipping Weight250 g
Input Device
Input Device : Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Input Device : InterfaceBluetooth
Input Device : Movement Resolution1200 dpi
Input Device : FeaturesRechargeable battery